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Noah’s Hot Summer Night is free today, September 1, 2022, only!

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Noah’s Hot Summer Night

Noah’s Hot Summer Night

Book Description:

All Erika wanted was a gorgeous Greek god to worship. Noah wants to be that man!


I need to reinvent my life! I had gotten into a rut with a boyfriend who couldn’t commit and a thankless job in the Fingerlakes. So I moved to a beach town with an exciting job as a water patrol officer. While I want to be independent, I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. When I met Noah, I was skeptical. Admittedly, he is a gorgeous man, but is he a one-woman kind of guy, or will he turn out to be another womanizer? I want to spread my wings and try new things, but I don’t want my wings clipped by another man who can’t commit.


I’m not going to deny that women find me attractive, and occasionally I have had a one-night stand. I have tried having long-term relationships, but I always get burned. My last girlfriend was attacked by a shark and moved away, blaming me for the incident. When I met Erika, I felt an instant attraction, but I need to know that she feels the same way because I want to make her mine. I want to prove to her that I can be a one-woman man and protect her from any danger, including sharks.

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