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New Release – My Romantic Mechanic

Klara is in love with her mechanic, Leo. She adores him, and the way his large hands feel on her body, especially when they take showers together. They have moved in together, but Klara isn’t sure if they should take things to the next level and get married. After all, she turned down his first proposal a few months ago.

Leo has never strayed before, and he loves everything about Klara – from the way her long hair frames her face, to the twinkle in her blue eyes. His heart belongs to her, and he is determined to make her his wife even if he has to propose over and over again until she says ‘yes’.

Even though she has turned down Leo’s prior proposal for marriage, the thought of him with someone else makes her feel desperate. Can she rise above a little jealousy and cement their relationship, or will Klara’s new, possessive behavior threaten to ruin everything?

Currently available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited