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New Release – My Romantic Mechanic

Klara is in love with her mechanic, Leo. She adores him, and the way his large hands feel on her body, especially when they take showers together. They have moved in together, but Klara isn't sure if they should take things to the next level and get married. After all, she turned down his first… Continue reading New Release – My Romantic Mechanic

Autumn Steamy Romance Series, New Releases

New Release – Stars for Sadie

Stars for Sadie by Rosie L. Dare Stars for Sadie is the third installment in my Autumn Steamy Romance series! These short stories are spicy and hot - perfect to enjoy on a autumn weekend with a cup of hot cider or cocoa! Book description: Sadie wanted to pursue a career in astrophysics, but she… Continue reading New Release – Stars for Sadie

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New Release – Kilty Pleasures: A BBW Steamy Romance

Kilty Pleasures: A BBW Steamy Romance by Rosie L. Dare New Release - Kilty Pleasures by Rosie L. Dare. A BBW Steamy Romance with plenty of hot spice! Book Description: Eva loves to dress up and sell her leather and clothing wares at Highlander Games events. Her lover, a rugged, handsome bagpiper, loves to indulge… Continue reading New Release – Kilty Pleasures: A BBW Steamy Romance

Autumn Steamy Romance Series, New Releases

New Release – Flowers for Valeria

Book 1 in my new series, Rosie Dare’s Autumn Steamy Romance! Flowers for Valeria is an #eroticromance and #steamyromance. It is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Book Description: Flowers for Valeria by Rosie L. Dare Valeria was like a flower withering on the stem until Marc came along and revived her… Valeria had put… Continue reading New Release – Flowers for Valeria