• New Release – My Romantic Mechanic

    New Release – My Romantic Mechanic

    Klara is in love with her mechanic, Leo. She adores him, and the way his large hands feel on her body, especially when they take showers together. They have moved in together, but Klara isn’t sure if they should take things to the next level and get married. After all, she turned down his first proposal a few months ago.

    Leo has never strayed before, and he loves everything about Klara – from the way her long hair frames her face, to the twinkle in her blue eyes. His heart belongs to her, and he is determined to make her his wife even if he has to propose over and over again until she says ‘yes’.

    Even though she has turned down Leo’s prior proposal for marriage, the thought of him with someone else makes her feel desperate. Can she rise above a little jealousy and cement their relationship, or will Klara’s new, possessive behavior threaten to ruin everything?

    Currently available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

  • New Release – Stars for Sadie

    Stars for Sadie by Rosie L. Dare

    Stars for Sadie is the third installment in my Autumn Steamy Romance series! These short stories are spicy and hot – perfect to enjoy on a autumn weekend with a cup of hot cider or cocoa!

    Book description:

    Sadie wanted to pursue a career in astrophysics, but she had some unfinished business with a childhood friend, Elijah. As she is preparing to leave for grad school, she decides to find out once and for all if there is a spark between them.

    Elijah has wanted Sadie since the first time he saw her. Sure, she is a nerd, but a gorgeous one. When Sadie finally gives him a chance at romance, their first erotic night under the stars becomes one to remember!

  • New Release – Flowers for Valeria

    Book 1 in my new series, Rosie Dare’s Autumn Steamy Romance! Flowers for Valeria is an #eroticromance and #steamyromance. It is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

    Book Description:

    Flowers for Valeria by Rosie L. Dare

    Valeria was like a flower withering on the stem until Marc came along and revived her…

    Valeria had put her own needs aside so she could run her family’s business. She made no time for pleasure and had forgotten the golden rule – always stop and smell the roses.

    When Marc came into her store and couldn’t take his eyes off of her, she felt her body react to his presence. This gorgeous man, covered in concrete dust from his job, looked at her in a way that made her heart pound and her stomach flutter.

    Will Valeria finally give herself over to pleasure, and Marc’s sensual charms?

    Universal Link to Amazon: Flowers for Valeria

    Amazon U.S. Link: Flowers for Valeria

  • New Release – Kilty Pleasures: A BBW Steamy Romance

    Kilty Pleasures: A BBW Steamy Romance by Rosie L. Dare

    New Release – Kilty Pleasures by Rosie L. Dare. A BBW Steamy Romance with plenty of hot spice!

    Book Description:

    Eva loves to dress up and sell her leather and clothing wares at Highlander Games events. Her lover, a rugged, handsome bagpiper, loves to indulge Eva. One of her favorite past-times is making love in the outdoors.

    Kameron enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing his pipes at Highlander Games. Playing other games with Eva adds spice to their love-making. While Eva is in charge of finding a place for their sensual rendezvous, Kameron has decided to take their intimate pleasures to the next level, and hints there is more surprises to come!

  • Wine for Annalise

    Wine for Annalise by Rosie L. Dare

    Book 2 in my Autumn Steamy Romance series, Wine for Annalise, is now available on Amazon. If you are a Kindle Unlimited reader, this book as well as all of my other titles, is free.

    Book description:

    Ian Blair loved wine and women, and when the two are put together, it spells trouble. Ian has been hot on the heels of Annalise ever since his brother hired her to work as the media director for their family’s wine business. Ian thinks he can win her over with his charming personality, but Annalise is holding out for much more.

    When they spend the weekend together at an old estate winery that the Blair family has just purchased, things heat up in unexpected, erotic ways for both of them. Will they find a way to work together, or will the lust between them threaten to ruin everything?

  • First Day Free Event

    First Day Free Event

    Noah’s Hot Summer Night is free today, September 1, 2022, only!

    Amazon Link – Noah’s Hot Summer Night

    Universal Link – Noah’s Hot Summer Night

    Noah’s Hot Summer Night

    Noah’s Hot Summer Night

    Book Description:

    All Erika wanted was a gorgeous Greek god to worship. Noah wants to be that man!


    I need to reinvent my life! I had gotten into a rut with a boyfriend who couldn’t commit and a thankless job in the Fingerlakes. So I moved to a beach town with an exciting job as a water patrol officer. While I want to be independent, I sometimes bite off more than I can chew. When I met Noah, I was skeptical. Admittedly, he is a gorgeous man, but is he a one-woman kind of guy, or will he turn out to be another womanizer? I want to spread my wings and try new things, but I don’t want my wings clipped by another man who can’t commit.


    I’m not going to deny that women find me attractive, and occasionally I have had a one-night stand. I have tried having long-term relationships, but I always get burned. My last girlfriend was attacked by a shark and moved away, blaming me for the incident. When I met Erika, I felt an instant attraction, but I need to know that she feels the same way because I want to make her mine. I want to prove to her that I can be a one-woman man and protect her from any danger, including sharks.

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